Veterans & our Military

I have multiple family members and colleagues who have served in the military.  My brothers are Veterans, my son is a Veteran, friends and past members of our Police Activities League are Veterans. Our Veterans and their families have my deepest respect, admiration and appreciation for the sacrifices that have been made.  I will fight for and honor America’s Veterans to ensure we acknowledge their service and sacrifice.  I will work closely with Veteran service organizations and groups to ensure that Veterans have access to educational opportunities, employment, first-class healthcare, mental health care and rehabilitation. No South Jersey Veteran should have to travel an extensive distance or wait an unreasonable amount of time to receive treatment. As your Congressman, I will vote to support our Veterans needs, to modernize our VA, work to establish medical services at existing hospitals and facilities now and a dedicated VA hospital in our district for the future.


Our military must be strong, second to none, to protect our freedom, our country and our interests, around the world. We must balance the expense with the needs and growth of our families and communities. We can, and should, defend democracy around the world, but its cost must be shared with those we support and not be the burden of the American people alone.

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