Protect the Right to Vote

One of our most cherished and protected rights as Americans is our right to vote for our elected representatives. It is a right guaranteed by the Constitution.  Our right to vote in a free and reliable election must be protected from our enemies, both foreign and domestic. I believe that every eligible American voter should be supported in their right to vote with convenience, at no charge, and without having to wait in long lines. We must ensure the ability to vote without discrimination regardless of socioeconomic status. Voting centers need to be safe and secure locations. We should continue to offer closely monitored, verifiable and reliable mail-in ballots as an option for those that can’t make it to a voting booth. I will strive to make Election Day a national, federal holiday to provide more access for voters to same-day voting centers and to free up more workers for the polls. I will work to expand access to voting centers so people don’t have to travel far or spend money for transportation to get to the ballot box. I believe that we should have voter IDs that are free, reliable, and conveniently obtained. I will take necessary steps to protect your right to vote and protect the integrity of our elections.

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