Health Care & Mental Care

I strongly support implementing changes that will ensure accessibility to quality healthcare (including mental health and prescriptions) at affordable prices.  Making overall quality healthcare accessible and affordable for the American family is an essential step in strengthening our families and communities. Whether we choose Medicare for All, the Affordable Care Act, a public option, or a combination approach, we need to be sure we achieve those goals of quality, affordability and accessibility. Making quality healthcare available and affordable to all also means that we have outstanding, state of the art facilities and well-trained clinicians available for those needing care. We need to develop plans and strategies to ensure we have accessible, safe, modern facilities and quality trained staff to work in them.


These goals cannot and will not be achieved while we have elected officials who are adversely influenced by pharmaceutical, insurance or other companies who stand to benefit from legislation that sacrifices the health of the American people for corporate profits. As your Congressman, I will not be influenced by lobbyists seeking to preserve the status quo. I will stay focused on quality, accessibility and affordability while fighting for the needs of the people.

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