Dear Hector,

We have known each other for nearly 30 years, sharing similar careers in law enforcement, a love and passion for our communities and the people we serve. Over the years I have enjoyed partnering with you on numerous projects. I have been impressed with your dedication and work ethic. While you have many successes, your ability to lead and get things done is most evident in the success and growth of the Police Activities League of Egg Harbor Township and now the Police Activities League of Atlantic County. Your success, the success of your team, and the success of your organization is truly amazing.

On January 6, 2021, you made your decision to run for the United States Congress. Like you, I believe in the famous saying, “The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is for good people to sit and do nothing.”  We have never been ones to sit and do nothing. The horrible events of January 6th inspired you to commit to doing even more for our country and communities. I stand with you!

I am inspired by your story and your commitment to our community. I think you will make an excellent congressman. I fully endorse your campaign for the United States Congress in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District in 2022. I know you are ready for the next step, to lead for your country. You have my encouragement, you have my support, you have my friendship and you have my vote!



Sheriff Eric Sheffler

(For Individual Personal Endorsements the use of title, employer name, name of organization, and/or membership does not imply an endorsement of that organization.)