A Strong South Jersey Economy

The economy of South Jersey is dependent on tourism, agriculture, and technology. We need to diversify our economy in order to provide a solid foundation for economic stability that encourages our best and brightest to stay, live, work, and recreate right here in South Jersey. We need to support the middle class and improve the communities they live in. We do this by providing new opportunities that encourage our young men and women to return to work in their hometown or incentivize new workers to relocate to South Jersey.


I will lead the effort to promote South Jersey and will strongly advocate for legislation that keeps our beaches clean, our air fresh, and our water clear.  I will support our farmers, promote and create regional tourism opportunities, improve transportation and our roadways, support the William J. Hughes Technical Center and the Cape May Coast Guard Training Center, as well as attract technology-based industry throughout the district. I will encourage and develop incentives that bring new industries to the area. I will support legislation that promotes and builds trade schools, creates jobs throughout the district, and supports and protects our Labor Unions and their members. In addition, I will create a South Jersey Jobs Leadership Team that brings together; educators, students, citizens, labor, business and community leaders, to discuss ways to create more living-wage jobs in New Jersey.

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